About Me

ENFJ - I love to code, Being a part of the future of software has always been my main goal, I'm ambitious and self-taught. Mainly Front-end with a goal of becoming Fullstack. I'm Curious, Creative, and a Natural Born Problem Solver. Currently residing in Tampa Bay, FL.

My Stack

html CSS3 js bootstrap react
shopify wordpress Laravel Photoshop Premiere Pro


A few recent projects done for past Businesses & Clients, Click on the image for the live preview!

ITU Online

• Full Website Redesign & Redeployment
• Integrating LMS Software with E-Commcerce, Adding Bitcoin Payment Processor

Netflix Clone

• Netflix clone using React with ES7 & JSX
• Designed with CSS and public API for images/Media
• Hosted on Google's Firebase Cloud software


• Wordpress Landing page(Woocommerce)
• Klaviyo email Marketing, Implemented Klarna API & Payment Proccessor
• CSS,PHP, Javascript

Tens Units

• Re-designed Shopify Landing page, Designed Product page UI/UX
• Re-crwaled Blog for Responsive feel (Google AMP Cache)
• Designed Banners, Optimized Product Images

Fashionable Canes

• Re-desinged Shopify Landing page, Transferred from MIVA CRM
• Transferrd Mass Bulk Product information/Pricing (Over 6,000 Products)
• Implemented QuadPay API & Payment Proccessor
• Ruby liquid, CSS, Javascript

coin magnolia

Crypto News Page

• Cryptocurrency automated news article site
• Responsive Images, Smooth Transtions
• Plesk, Wordpress, Web Scraping